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Overhead Crane Parts in stock
Nodular cast iron hollow shaft wheel with motor is for various crane applications such as Electric Overhead Traveling and Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes.
Steel Crane Wheels are available in a wide range of standard sizes. In addition, crane wheels to meet your special design requirements can be produced in virtually any size, configuration and surface finish condition. We maintain a large inventory of carbon and alloy steels to meet your specific needs.
Available in diameters of 112mm to 630mm and up, we also design and manufacture custom non-standard wheels for your specific design application in any configuration. And our sales engineers are always ready to make recommendations when these wheels need to be integrated into complete wheel assemblies on time and when you need it. If you don’t have a written specification or drawing, Kiwicranes has the ability to reverse engineer your part and produce it to original specifications to get you back on-line quickly and cost effectively.
Forged Crane Wheels are available in any surface hardness up to 60 Rc including our standard heat treatments.Crane wheels are also able to be Deep Hardened or Differentially Hardened for heavy wear or load requirements.
·Prescription wheels can be designed
·Short lead times
·Resistant to Flange Fracture or Wear
·Increased uptime of wheels equates to fewer maintenance costs and elongates the life of the rail
·State-of-the-art and experienced machining capabilities insure quality and precision for your wheels
Contact Us
For more information on our complete line of overhead bridge cranes and hoists please
Call/whatsapp:+8613865918886, or fill out quote forms.
KIWICRANE professionals are always standing by ready to serve you.Overhead Crane Parts in stock

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