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wholesale eliquid bottle
We are one-stop solution for vape accessories
Founded our company in Shenzhen at the edge of China(April, 2015). Here we have the best preconditions to deliver everything you need combined with the speed, price and possibilities of China. This area called “Factory of the World” is the world’s biggest and fastest growing region for manufacturing, prototyping and production. We are connected to a network of the world’s best factories for all kind of products in all quantities, a broad network for sourcing different logistic providers for fast global shipping.
currently supplying various electronic cigarette accessories to vape wholesalers/distributors/chain stores world wide.
Vivismoke Main Business
> One stop supply a wide range of Vape accessories products.
> Provide Professional Customization Services.
With various of vape accessories supply, we try to help all our customers to order easier and more convenient.
To save more money and time,to have a fantastic experience.
ViviSmoke Partners are from many countries over the world
(Details on the bottom of home page).
Vivismoke Mission
1.Provide various kinds of products with good price & high quality to enrich vape life.
2.Offer professional personalized, customized services for our clients.
3.Help our clients to develop their business to the further step.
4.Keep improving with newest products,never stop developing newer and better products.
Our sales team
Professional, Efficient,Friendly
Always grateful to all our customers.
Believe in “growing together and going further together”wholesale eliquid bottle

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